Tailored Solutions


  • you are new to cloud (or) looking to optimise a stream
  • you require a complete solution (or) require help to choose to a platform
  • you require some advice on best practice (or) a secure and scalable gateway for your applications
  • you want to migrate your applications (or) want to access remote infrastructure

We have a solution for all your needs minimising the cloud computing gaps with SMEs.


Flexible Resources



  • You want to scale up infrastructure based on a specific need of a business
  • You want to scale down resources to minimise on budget
  • You want to balance assets from one stream to another or one location to another

We have ideal solutions for you to make best use of resources

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Dynamic Disbursing


  • it is a self-service to go as per requirements and locations
  • a dynamic measure to pay only the usage
  • a quick move to a rapid start of application signup and usage

We have it all covered, with no loss in data or overheads.


Right Platform


Our qualified SME team provide the best support in:

  • Initial Assessment and comparing possibilities
  • Planning and mapping requirements
  • Identifying the right platform and strategic model
  • Secured data and application migration capabilities
  • Post implementation and maintenance services

Cloud Staffing

Cove.net’s strategic delivery partners are a team of Cloud Consultants, Architects and experts with expertise of AWS, Azure, Google public cloud expertise, Network and System engineers and IT service management specialists who can be deployed at customer locations engaging in understanding requirements and building design, implementation or maintenance plans within a few weeks.

Our candidates are trained to understand the industry, corporate environment and the technology before making a proposal customized to the business needs. Operating with offices on-shore, off-shore and near shore, it is highly feasible for cove.net consultants to be on the go.


Our Enterprise Cloud Experts are Ready to Help